Realme’s new technology:– Realme India has shown its awesome in the world of fast charging. After Oppo India, Realme India was also not going to stay behind. We told you through a post a few days ago that Oppo India has launched 4 new fast-charging technologies. With the help of which a smartphone with a 4000mah battery can be fully charged in 20 minutes.

Realme’s new technology

The same Realme India has also launched new 125W Ultra Dart charging technology, through which a smartphone with 4000mah battery can be charged 33% in just 3 minutes. Earlier, the company has launched India’s first 5G smartphone realme x50 pro with its fast charging technology 50W with Realme X2 Pro Co and 65W Super Dart.

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Will be beneficial for them

After this, the company has now brought out this new technology especially for those people who do not want to put their smartphone on charging for a long time. This phone will be good for those who travel, because through this charging technology, the phone can be charged up to 33% only by putting the phone in charging for 3 minutes.

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Demand will increase in the market

These days, users are getting more attracted towards fast charging smartphones. Every smartphone user wants that this smartphone of mine does not take much time to be charged. All smartphone manufacturer companies are making all efforts to fulfill this demand of users. But so far, Oppo and Reality have won the case.

Just a few days ago, the smartphone maker Oppo presented four new charging technology to the users, in which the company showed a 4000mah battery smartphone with full charge in 20 minutes. And today Reality paces its new charging technology, in which the company has shown a smartphone with 4000mah battery by charging 33% in 3 minutes. After this, the company is confident that the demand will increase in its market.

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