Samsung's new #funbelievable series Smart TV, Know specifications...
Samsung’s Smart TV

Samsung’s new:– Samsung India has launched a smart TV specifically for those who work like watching movies in a smart TV as well as office work and playing live cast and music systems. That is, in this smart TV launched by Samsung, you can enjoy both work and entertainment.

So if you were looking for such a smart TV, let’s quickly tell you everything about the specification of this smart TV of Samsung —

Samsung’s new Smart TV Specifications

By the way, this smart TV from Samsung has all the features that a smart TV should have, but there are also some features that make it special. So let us tell you about all those features

Wide Color Enhancer

With the help of this feature, you can choose any color in any scene in this smart TV. You can apply the color you like here.

Film mode

Through the film mode given in this smart TV, you will be able to enjoy the same theater while watching any film.

Personal Computer Mode

For this mode, you can make your office in your living room itself. Through this mode you can work on Excel and Word documents from the cloud in this TV. With its help, you can work by enlarging the screen of your laptop or you can remotely access the computer in the office.

Content Guide

Turning on the TV through this mode, your mind will be able to watch favorite movies or shows because the content guide present in it quickly discovers your favorite content and shows them to you.

Music system

Through my system given in it, you will be able to listen to your favorite song more thoroughly and enjoy it. Because its music system offers songs with different color tones.

Live cast

With the help of this feature, you can stream live anywhere and anytime through your smartphone and broadcast the program running on your smartphone through TV.


Here we have told you about all the specifications of this Samsung Smart TV that make it special. So if you were thinking of getting a smart TV, then you can watch it once.

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