Panasonic launches new AC. What is unique, know
Panasonic launches new AC. What is unique, know
Panasonic launches new AC. What is unique, know

Panasonic launched its AC this monsoon season. He has told the news by tweeting it on his Twitter handle. The Panasonic split air conditioner is given a premium Japanese design. An inverter compressor is installed in the air conditioner for fast and enhanced cooling. Catering to the emerging needs of consumers, Panasonic split air conditioners are compatible with the Mirai platform.

The Mirai platform not only adds access to all of Panasonic’s devices in one place as well as in-built intelligent diagnostics. Which detects issues in advance performance and operating lifespan of products. Mirai also recognizes usage patterns. Suggests optimal modes that provide the best comfort for users. Which is meant to provide advanced facilities.

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Its features and price are as follows —

This AC leverages Amazon’s Alexa technology, offering seamless and hands-free operation and control devices with voice commands. The Mirai app also offers e-warranties, in which all warranty services and annual maintenance contracts are digitally stored for all products. Consumers are notified when any situation changes.

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It also supports consumers to receive any additional parts of electronic devices with an online request through the app. The AC has a PM2.5 air purification system, which helps eliminate and remove airborne particles, including particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers, to improve indoor air quality. AC is static-free and, therefore, conserve electricity while reducing electricity bills. They can operate within the range of 145V to 285V. The company has priced this air conditioner at Rs 32,999 on Amazon.

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