Chinese smartphone company OnePlus has always been known for its latest design and features.
The company had given a special camera sensor in its latest flagship phone launched a few days ago, with the help of which some plastic items and clothes can be seen across.

Why the ‘X-ray Vision’ camera sensor was given by the company is not known but now it has been completely banned. Let me tell you that OnePlus had given an infrared photochromic lens in OnePlus 8 Pro. It could see through certain types of plastic and clothing.

The company had earlier disabled this sensor. But now it has been confirmed by The Sun that this camera sensor has been disabled permanently. This filter used to give unique color to the photos with the help of infrared but its special function was revealed in the review units of the phone.

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Many users expressed concern about privacy regarding this camera. Which is seen across many electronics and clothes. After this, it was disabled by giving updates from OnePlus.


Camera disabled with new updates

Talking to The Sun, OnePlus spokesperson said that even after the new update, users will be able to click photos with the help of a photochromic lens. However, due to the changes made in the software, objects or clothing will no longer be seen with the help of a phone camera.

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The new update of OnePlus has been announced in the official blog post on Wednesday. The company said that this is a forced update and users will have to download it. The company has said that this new update will offer better camera changes and also better performance and battery life.


Now you will not get to see this camera feature in OnePlus 8 Pro. The company has removed it through new updates. And all users will have to update this.

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