Companies like e-commerce company Amazon, Flipkart have started making changes in their back-end-system. know why

Due to the dispute between India and China in the last few days, the boycott of Chinese goods in India is going on in full swing.And recently the Indian government has taken a big step by banning 59 Chinese apps.

Now after the central government’s order. All the e-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart have started making changes in their back-end-system. By updating this system, if any person wants to buy any product. Then it will be clearly written on which country it has been made.

The Department of Internal Trade and Industry Promotion (DPIIT), which works under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, held a virtual meeting with e-commerce officials on Wednesday. It was emphasized in the meeting that the change should be implemented by the end of July.

However, online giants Amazon and Flipkart say that it will take two to three months to do the listing. The people associated with the meeting told about this on the condition of anonymity. He said that the listing work related to the information of the producer country will first be done on new products. Because it would be difficult to list goods already ready for sale.


The name of the country will be found on the product

After the martyrdom of 20 soldiers in a clash with Chinese soldiers in Galvan Valley, people were seen very angry towards the sugar product. Taking strict steps, the government had banned 59 applications of Chinese origin. Also, the e-commerce companies had ordered that the manufacturer should make sure to give information about the country on its product.

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi also advocated a self-reliant India. However, the companies say that they are facing misdeeds due to the lack of a clear definition of ‘country of origin’. They say that some of their products are assembled in India. But parts or raw materials are purchased from other countries. According to sources, on Wednesday, the government said that a special discussion will be held internally about this.


Now if you make any similar purchase from these e-commerce companies, then you will also get to see the name of its producer country in that similar.

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