PUBG Mobile New Update: The fun will be doubled with "livik map"...

PUBG Mobile New Update– PUBG Mobile users are getting new updates once again. In this update, users are getting a map feature named ‘Livik’.
This new feature will work on iOS and Android platforms. Currently, the developers have said that this map will work in the beta version at the moment.

The developers have named this update the latest version 0.19.0 of PUBG Mobile. As soon as you update this, the live map will be included in your PUBG mobile. And with time, it is being said to integrate it into the future. Let us know that this update is available on Google Play and iOS Store.

The size of this update has been kept at 0.93 gigabytes for Google Play, while the update size for the App Store has been kept at 2.4 gigabytes. With this, the loading screen of the game will change when you update it.

This PUBG Mobile New Update will double the fun

The new map will be 2 x 2 km, the smallest map found on PUBG Mobile. In which 52 players can play at a time and the match time will be 15 minutes.

In the live map, a truck will be seen parked amidst a field of flowers. The new Nordic-style map is 2 x 2 kilometers in size. A small menu 0.19.0 update will appear as the game is downloaded.

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After scrolling, you will get the option of live adventure. Players who update the game will be given 2888 BP, 100 AG and a nightmare helmet.

Live Adventure will be full of challenges for the new map. Livik Mac is divided into six zones. Each zone on the map will open with the beginning of match play. Each zone will have its own challenges. Users who pass the challenge will get additional awards. The new Liv Mac is introduced as Nordic style.

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Here, we have told you all about the latest update 0.19.0, available in PUBG Mobile.

After this update, you will now be able to play this game with more fun.

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