Samsung has launched a new software update for Galaxy A series

Samsung has launched a new software update. Which is for Galaxy A series of smartphones, such as the Galaxy A51 and A71. With this software update, some features of these smartphones will match the features of the smartphone Galaxy S20. What are those features that will be added to these smartphones after the software update, let’s know?

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Photography Features–

The Galaxy s20 has a lot of innovative features for photo capturing. Now the same photo capturing features will be found in the Galaxy A series of smartphones.

Uses of the Galaxy A51 and A71 can now enjoy these smart features. Including manual focus and shutter speed meter control. These features provide users with more control when capturing photos and videos. So that they have commands on shooting experiences. Night Hyperlaps features have been provided for photo capture at night.

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Share media easily –

With this update you can share your files, photos, videos, music etc. media with your friends with your relatives in one click.

Let Your Device Do the Work

Galaxy A51 and A71 users are already able to do more of what they love with their smartphones, but this update brings even more keyboard and gallery functionalities to users that are designed to make their day-to-day interactions with their smartphones as convenient as possible .

When typing in the search bar in the app tray, accessible with just a simple swipe up on the home screen, users will now be presented with a range of predicted apps, settings, Quick Panel and contacts search results before they even finish typing their query, and can then explore even more results by hitting the ‘See more results’ button.

Enhanced keyboard functionalities also give users more freedom when typing; users can now translate text directly from the keyboard tray and easily undo and redo their most recent keyboard action with an intuitive swipe left or right with two fingers on the keyboard.

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