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Due to the ongoing border dispute between India and China, the boycott of Chinese goods on social media these days is in full swing. And last Monday, the Indian government has also made 59 Chinese apps like Tick Talk and Share It. After the ban on apps, people are now getting caught on the Chinese smart phone directly.

Many people also believe that after the apps, now the turn of the Chinese smart phone is coming. But let us tell you that nothing like this is going to happen at the moment. Smartphones of companies like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Realme will continue to sell as before. And the ban on Chinese apps will not affect them.

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Let us tell you that these smartphone companies have a big market share in both India and China. But let us tell you that two apps of Xiaomi are also included in the list of 59 apps. Even if this smartphone is not turned off, it will definitely affect some bias. Because many people were buying from Chinese devices. Because they get features related to making good videos.

Smart Phone

There will be no change in the smartphone

Even though border disputes between India and China and 59 apps have been banned. But this will not affect the smartphone’s design or features. Just like you used to get smartphones earlier, you will still get them. Let us tell you how earlier preinstalled apps were available on smartphones. Now, this trend will be brought to an end, Neil Shah, the research director of Counterpoint himself, has said.

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He has also said that because of these conditions a negative sentiment will be created in the market and people will definitely think once before buying Chinese products. In this situation, the demand for non-Chinese brands like Samsung and Apple can be seen more in the cell.


Here we have given you the answers to all the questions arising about Chinese smartphones. We hope you have cleared everything now. To know this information first, follow us on social media.

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