Secure your Gmail Account by fallow these step

Secure Your Gmail Account

Secure Your Gmail Account: Lockdown was released worldwide due to coronavirus infection. After which most people are doing work from home, and spending more time on the Internet. According to the report, the number of Internet users has increased significantly since the lockdown. But the more users are increasing, the more it is cheating and hacking is also happening.

Millions of people around the world are now doing work-from-home. And are spending more time in their homes to avoid coronavirus infection. During this time the risk of hacking has also increased manifold and hackers are targeting people’s personal accounts. The most important account is someone’s email. Which can be an easy access point for Cyber ​​Criminals.

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Having access to an email inbox can easily hack the rest of your web accounts, and can range from social media to shopping or banking accounts. Actually, with the help of email, the passwords of other services can also be changed and after clicking the link on the email, the account can be accessed with new passwords. In such a situation, you can lock and secure your Gmail with three steps.

Secure Your Gmail Account by fallow these steps

1- Two Factor Authentication

Most important is to turn on two-factor authentication for the account. Once you activate this feature, whenever you enter the account by entering username and password, a code will be sent to the phone via text message. This code can be logged in only after entering. For this, after logging into Google account, you will have to go to Security in the navigation panel. After clicking on the 2-step verification here, steps have to be followed on the screen. This way, no one else will be able to log in without entering the code on your phone.

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2- Google Password Check

The password checkup add-on for the Chrome browser was introduced by Google last year. With the help of this you can keep yourself safe and it tells that the password or username has not been hacked. You have to search and install ‘Passwors Checkup’ by going to the Chrome Web Store. After this, Google will give you a warning on logging in with Unsafe password and will also advise you to change the password immediately.

3- Account activity check

It is also important to keep checking the account activity of your Gmail. After logging in to your computer, click on ‘Details’ in the bottom right. After this, your account activity will appear in the pop-up window. It will show when you have accessed your account from which location and device. If you see anything different in it or there is an activity that you have not done, then change the password.