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Dangerous Apps: Millions of new apps come to the Play Store every day, which is quite difficult to know which app is safe or not. Due to this, many people download unsafe apps on their phones.
And later the same app steals the entire personal data of those people and makes the phone useless.

17 such dangerous apps have been found on the Play Store, if you are putting them on your phone, remove them immediately.

According to a report by cybersecurity firm Avast, these apps have been brought under the HiddenAds campaign to hunt users from India and Southeast Asia. Researchers have found that these apps are described as games on the Play Store, but their real work is without Showing permission advertisements and stealing information from users.

Not only this, but these apps can also hide their icon in the device and the ads appearing here cannot be skipped. This is the way these apps work, the team of Avast researchers initially got a total of 47 such apps.

However, upon receiving the report, Google has removed 30 of these apps. Avast Threat Operation Analyst Jakub Vavra said that ‘As soon as users download these apps, a timer starts in them.

Users get to play the game for a certain time, after which the timer app icon disappears. ‘ According to the report, these apps start showing advertisements as soon as the icons disappear.

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This is how you will get rid-

Since these apps hide their icons, due to this, users are unable to detect where the advertisements are coming from. Also, finding and removing them in the device is also difficult. However, there is a way through which such apps can be got rid of.

For this, you have to go to Device Settings and go to App Manager. Here you can find and uninstall this app. These apps can be downloaded more than 15 million times so far.

Although the app has been removed from the Play Store, some apps still exist.

Some popular apps are Skate Board – New, Find Hidden Differences, Spot Hidden Differences, Tony Shoot – NEW, and Stacking Guys.

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Here we have told you about those apps by downloading me, your phone and you are at risk. So if you have downloaded any of these apps. So remove it immediately, we have explained the method of removal.

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