How To Use Google Maps Without Internet: The Way To Know

Google Maps has become a special and trusted part of all of our lives. Today if any of us set out on an unknown road trip, So Google Maps has to be resorted to. With the help of Google Maps, any person can reach any unknown place.

But Maps shows us the right way only when it gets a good internet connection. And in India many times the internet connection gets spoiled due to the bandwidth issue,
Because of which the person who is stuck on the way has to face a lot of difficulties.

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But do you know that there is a solution to this too, Yes you are listening absolutely right
Google also has a solution for bad internet in this navigation app. This simply means that if you are planning a road trip, And you are afraid of bad internet connection, then you can use Maps offline also.

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Through this feature of Google, you can download the navigation map of any place. And after that, it can also be used offline without internet.

So let’s tell you how you can download offline in Google Maps ——

How to download offline Google Map on Android device

  1. Open Gogole Maps on your Android phone or tablet.
  2. Then make sure you are connected to the Internet and sign in to Google Maps.
  3. Search somewhere like Delhi.
  4. Now type the name or address of the place at the bottom and then download it.

If you want to search a restaurant, tap on More and then download.

How to download offline google Map on iPhone and iPad

  1. Open Google Maps on your iPhone or iPad first.
  2. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet and then sign in to Google Maps.
  3. Search some place, like Rajasthan.
  4. Now at the bottom, enter the name or address of that place and then tap on More.
  5. Select Download for offline map.


After downloading the map, you can use Google Maps in the normal way.
If your internet connection is slow or closed
So offline maps will help you in the direction.

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