Electric Bicycle With Bike Features, Price In Lakhs!

Electric Bicycle– The trend of electric vehicles all over the world is starting to get louder. That is why every effort is being made to make every vehicle an electric vehicle.

Due to this, the British motorcycle brand Triumph Motorcycles has created a special electric bicycle.

The company has named this cycle Triumph Trekker GT and is the company’s first electric cycle.

So let us tell you about the price and all specifications of this electric bicycle —

Electrical Bicycle Price & Specifications

The company has priced its electric bicycle at $ 3,750, that is, about Rs 2.86 lakh.

This particular bicycle will be launched in the UK market soon. It is not likely to be launched in India.

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Triumph is currently expanding its product portfolio in the Indian market. The company has recently launched the Tiger 900 bike in the Indian market.

Electrical Bicycle features

The Trekker GT cycle uses a lightweight aluminum frame.

The electric motor given in it gives power of about 0.3 bhp. This electric cycle has a lithium-ion-battery pack.

The full weight of this electric bicycle is 24 kg.

Range in Full Charge

The company claims that this electric bicycle will run for 150 km once fully charged.

The Trekker GT cycle has 180 mm disc brakes at the front and 160 mm at the rear.

Light & Digital Meter
This bicycle has LED lighting. Which reduces battery consumption.
The bicycle has a digital instrument cluster, which provides all other information including speed, distance, trip time, range, and battery level.

Here we have told you about a special bicycle made by the British motorcycle brand Triumph Motorcycles.
We have told you about the price and all the specifications of this bicycle and also where it will be launched and where it is not.

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