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Redmi Airbuds S: There are many electronic companies in the market. But MI has a distinct identity and the trust of the customer is quite good. This company keeps launching something new every day for its users. MI has launched a new wireless air buds. Which is named Redmi Air Buds Yes.

Many company airbeds are available in the market. But MI’s air buds have their own distinct identity. Its special design, its comfort, its features and specifications are different. Let’s know the specification and feature of this ear buds . Talking about its feature of overview, you will get some such features like…

Sleek and Stylish Design —

All new Redmi s is a truly wireless experience time for your comfort.

Ultra-lightweight — 

its compact design helps you stay on go no hassles.

12 hour playback time —

A perfect companion for your busy schedules. Redmi air buds s delivers 12 hours of total playback time with multiple additional charges in the case and 4 hours of playback in a single go.

Bluetooth 5.o —

This allows for seamless simultaneous connectivity with both the air buds delivery status connection and lower latency.

Gaming Mode —

Redmi air buds s come with gaming mode which reduces the latency 122 ms and gives you pro performance for your pro gaming.

Voice Assistant —

This supports both voice assistants on both Android and IOS Devices. Now give voice commands to your phone without taking its outs.

Spefication —

The dimensions of this air buds are 2. 67 centimeters x 1.64 centimeters x 2.16 centimeters. Its net weight is about 4.1 grams. The connectivity range is 10 meters. It has a 43mAh battery. The charging time will take 1.5 news hours to fully charge it. If you listen to music on it, you will get 4 hours of battery backup. It has lithium ion battery and Bluetooth connectivity.

Price —

The price of Redmi Airbuds S for india is Rs. 1799.

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