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Today is the era of technology. To run this, the data of the logo has to be stored. Storing this data is not a normal task. And so to meet the world’s demand for easily storing large numbers of data. Sony has recently launched a new optical disc. Which can store 3 million GB of data up to 100 million?

Sony has dubbed this device as the Gen3 Petasites Optical Disc Archive technology. Which can perform irreversible optical storage from 165 TB to 2.9 PB in a standard 42U rack?

To get you thinking about its data storage capacity. 1 petabyte is equal to 1,000TB or 1 million GB. This means that Sony’s newly released optical storage disk can store 2.9 million GB of data.

There is an ODS-L100E cartridge-only expansion unit that provides a storage capacity of 555.5 TB.

Sony states that a maximum of five unit units can be attached to create a 42U library with a maximum of 560 cartridges and each cartridge comes with an estimated shelf life of 100 years.

Sony says its optical disc archive Gen3 uses the company’s archival disk (AD) dual-sided media. It reads both sides of double-sided media and enables an average read rate of 3Gbps and an average write rate of 1.5Gbps.

The recently introduced optical storage system by Sony makes it a winner. The fact that it is compatible with Generation 2 and backward is compatible for all optical disc archive cartridges. And it writes that once read does many fundamental work, which makes it immune to cyber attacks, accidental corrosion and ransomware.

Sony has now started shipping its Gen3 PetaSite Optical Disc Archive. So you can take care of, it as per your requirements like a corporate IT, state, local government, a banking, an educational institute, or a health institute.

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