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Xiaomi is known in India for its affordable and best device. Another time Xiaomi is preparing to bring its affordable range of notebooks to India. Xiaomi launched its Mi Notebook series a few days ago. But this series went above the budget of the people.

This proved that people are searching for laptop options for their budget. According to the report, the company may bring its Redmibook series to fill a niche in the Rs 30,000 segment.

The company can launch Redmibooks in India around August this year. It is expected that Xiaomi will bring a different variant of these laptops to the Indian market. Some he has also done for the country with Mi Notebook. The budget notebook segment in India can be seen as a new avatar.

In this way, Xiaomi can repeat the formula of its smartphone through two different series. It may target the premium segment with the Mi Notebook. While budget shoppers can go for Redmibook.

Many people are now working outside of home and schools, in fact, the demand for laptops has increased. Most of these consumers are looking for budget laptops, and Xiaomi can certainly take full advantage of it.

Mi Notebook India Launch–

The company recently launched the Mi NoteBook series of high-end laptops in the Indian market. Two new laptops of the brand with four variants were launched at the launch. These are the Mi NoteBook and Mi NoteBook Horizon editions. Both laptops have a 14-inch display and thin bezels with a 90-inch screen-to-body ratio.

These laptops of Xiaomi are powered by the 10th gen Intel Core processor. Instead of competing in the budget segment, the Xiaomi Mi NoteBook laptop will compete with other brands such as Asus, HP, Acer, and Dell. This series is the first laptop by Xiaomi in the Indian market.


It is clear here that this laptop of Xiaomi will be a good option for those people who are currently doing all their work online at home.

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