Whatsapp upcoming new features

whatsapp upcoming new features

This article is about WhatsApp’s upcoming new features for WhatsApp users. He can see some new features in his WhatsApp in the coming time. This is for both Android and iOS. This feature is some such as – Dark Mode, Self-destructing message, New Splash screen and Hide Mute status, etc.         

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Let us know about these Features in detail—-

1) Whatsapp upcoming new features are Dark mode –

The dark mode feature is one feature of the WhatsApp upcoming new features. Whatsapp has delayed bringing dark mode before it has brought twitter, Instagram, facebook, youtube and google photos. But now the experiment will not have to be done for a long time because Whatsapp has said that the dark mode feature will be added in the upcoming speech update. It will come with a dark folded text bubble.

2) Whatsapp upcoming new features are “Self-destructing message”–

WhatsApp’s delete for everyone’s feature is going to come a long time ago but now WhatsApp is introducing the self-destructing message feature soon. Which gives users 5 seconds, 1 hour, 1 day, 7 days, Or will allow a message to be recalled after 30 days. It will be similar to snaps sent via Snapchat.

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3) Whatsapp upcoming new features are Splash screen —

This is also a feature of WhatsApp in which you will see WhatsApp is like when you do WhatsApp for the first time then you will see the logo for the first time, it is due to the splash screen. You will see the logo differently due to the dark mode. It is available on both Android and ios platforms.

4) new features are Hide muted status –

WhatsApp will allow users to hide all status updates muted in their contact list. Under this feature, the ‘Hide’ button will be present at the top of the silent status update section. Users can restore hidden status updates by clicking on the ‘Show’ button.

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