WhatsApp new feature


With the help of the new feature of Whatsapp, the messages will disappear automatically. Learn this In detail about the new feature.

Special things –

  • Users can mark chat as ‘disabled’.
  • After the deadline, the messages will disappear automatically.
  • WhatsApp is testing the “Disappearing Messages” feature.


WhatsApp Disappearing Messages Feature:

Facebook’s instant messaging app keeps working on giving new features to Whatsapp users. WhatsApp is now testing a new feature, with the help of this feature, the messages sent by the users will disappear automatically. Messages will disappear after the deadline. This feature has recently been spotted in Android public beta version v2.19.275 of Whatsapp. Despite being a part of the beta version, it is not available for public usage and the feature is still in the development stage.

WhatsApp is actively working on this feature. This feature will be released in the future bug-free with Whatsapp update. It has been said on the website that as indicated by the name of the feature, the message is automatically deleted by chat.

Any chat that is marked as ‘Disappeared’ will disappear after the deadline. For the information of the people, let us know that the WhatsApp user must first go to the group info and enable the ‘Disappearing Message’.

This new feature of ‘Disappearing Messages’ will prove useful for those who share sensitive information on Whatsapp. Recall that WhatsApp rolled out a new feature for its Android users last month. With the help of this new feature of Whatsapp, user status story can be directly shared on Facebook Story and other apps.

Read some more —

Whatsapp all of you must be using. In such a situation, if you know some of Whatsapp’s besic tricks, then you will be quite different from other people, so let’s know whatsapp’s 5 fantastic tricks —-

Trick 1: How to make anyone’s chat in your mobile —

Many times we have to chat about whatsapp of someone’s phone, but we can not take his phone for much longer, then what will we do in this case, so let’s tell you about a great trick.

This trick is as follows –

.A – First of all take his phone (whose phone needs CHAT) and open whatsapp.

B – Then open the chat of Whatsapp of that phone that you have to.

C – Then click on Three Dot above the chat of that phone.

D — Then click on MORE.

E – Then click on Export Chat.

F – Then after that you will get two options

1 – Without media: In which you will get only the text without image and video for export.

2 – Include media: In which you will find text along with image and video for export.

In either of you do it on one (on which to do)

G – Then you click on E-mail, after that you fill the email and send it,

Open the email in which the chat was sent.
Now you can have all his chat on your phone.

With the help of these few tips and tricks, you can become an expert in running Whatsapp.

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