Whatsapp (best & useful Trick)-

Whatsap best useful Trick

In this article, we know some Whatsapp (best & useful Trick). Whatsapp, all of you must be using. In such a situation, if you know some of Whatsapp’s basic tricks, then you will be quite different from other people, so let’s know about Whatsapp (best & useful Trick)  —-

Trick 1: How to make anyone’s chat in your mobile —

Many times we have to chat about WhatsApp of someone’s phone, but we can not take his phone for much longer, then what will we do in this case, so let’s tell you about a great trick.

This trick is as follows –

.A – First of all take his phone (whose phone has to be CHAT) and open WhatsApp.  

    B – Then open the chat of Whatsapp of that phone that you have to.  

C – Then click on Three Dot above the chat of that phone.

D — Then click on more.

E – Then click on Export Chat.

F – Then after that, you will get two options

1 – Without media: In which you will get only the text without image and video for export.

2 – Include media: In which you will find text along with image and video for export.

In either of you do it on one (on which to do)

G – Then you click on E-mail, after that you fill the email and send it,

Open the email in which the chat was sent.

Now you can have all his chat on your phone.

Trick 2. How to use privacy properly —

(i) How to hide Last seen –

For this, go to the setting in WhatsApp and click on account, then go to privacy and after clicking on your last seen option, open Kare and then click on anyone.

Whatsapp — setting —  account —- Privacy — Last seen then click nobody.

(ii) Privacy of profile photo –

Open WhatsApp and then go to setting, then go to account, then click on privacy, then click on the profile photo and choose your option.

WhatsApp — setting —-  account — privacy —- profile Photo

Trick 3: Download the status of anyone, in your phone –

Follow the steps given below to download Whatsapp Status of anyone in your phone.

A: First of all download the app named “Notisave” from the Play store.

B: Then you open the app, accept the condition.

C: Then click on the chats option of the app.

D: Then download that status as per your wish.    

Trick 4: Starred Messages (store your favorite images, videos, and text) –

You can save any messages in WhatsApp account, always, let’s know-how –

A: Open your Whatsapp Account.

B: Then select one of the chats that you want to save.

After selecting C: Click on ☆ (star).

After clicking D: ☆ (star), the selected chat will be saved.

Trick 5. How to run Whatsapp in Laptop / Computer –

If you want to run WhatsApp in Laptop / Computer, then follow this rule,

A – First you install WhatsApp in Laptop / Computer.

B – After installing WhatsApp you run it.

c — After running, Open Laptop / Computer me WhatsApp.

D – as soon as open, a QR CODE will appear in front of you.

Whatsapp (best & usefull Trick)

E: Now open WhatsApp of your phone.

F: Then click on WhatsApp me three-dot.

G: After clicking, Now click on Whatsapp Web.

H: As soon as you click on the WhatsApp web, you will open a scanner of QR CODE.

I: Now you scan the open QR CODE in WhatsApp of your laptop/computer with this scanner, WhatsApp will be turned on in your laptop/computer as soon as it is scanned.

All of you guys use these tips and tricks and become advance.

I hope that you will like this information very much, do comment and tell it.

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