How to update chrome browser

how to update chrome browser

In this article, we know about how to update the chrome browser. Google updates in his chrome browser before few days. This update is for security purposes.

Normally the chrome update is downloaded automatically but does not install automatically. How do we set this up?

How to update chrome browser —

For this, you have to first click on the chrome browser menu i.e. three verticle dots, then you have to click on help then about google chrome per clicking

Follow this — “click three dots —-> click help —-> click about google chrome“.

As soon as you click on Google Chrome, Chrome will check the update and download it immediately.

  If Chrome has already downloaded this update and is waiting to install, the menu icon will change to an up arrow, then it will appear in three different colors (green orange and red).

Green color means – This update was released 2 days ago.
Orange color means – This update was released 4 days ago.
Red color means – This update was released 7 days ago.

After the update has installed—or if it’s been waiting for a few days—click “Relaunch” to finish the update process.

Warning: Make sure you save anything you’re working on. Chrome reopens the tabs that were open before the relaunch but doesn’t save any of the data contained in them.

If you’d rather wait to restart Chrome and finish up the work you’re doing, just close the tab. Chrome can install the update following time you shut and open it.
When you relaunch Chrome, and also the update finally finishes putting in, head back to chrome://settings/help and verify you’re running the newest version of Chrome. Chrome can say “Google Chrome is up to date” if you’ve already put in the most recent updates.

In hope, this article is helpful to solve your update problem. Any suggestion and query please do comments.

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