You don’t forget to know about google photo update apps


Friends, Google has made a new update(google photo update apps) in its Google Photos app, which is very important for you to know. For which you are very important to read this article, let’s start this update.

1) First, update apps google photos

So far in this app, all of us users were not able to manually tag the faces seen in the photos clicked on the device. Because this product of Google used to detect faces in automatic photos. And used to tag them. But with this new update from Google, we will also be able to tag photos and along with this Google’s automatic feature will also be there.

2) Second update on google photos-

Another new update from Google is that users can edit their photos with the help of this app. This update is very interesting from Google.

  Let’s know that Google has given many options for editing in this app.

  • It has markers and brushes. With the help of which we can make photos very good.
  • Lines and colors (Black, Red, White, Purple, Yellow, and Green)are given for editing.
  • To edit the image, three options have been given in this tool, such as filters, Britanness contrast adjustment, and crop.

3) third google photo update–

The third update is that Google has made changes to a teacher associated with its gallery. Google always brings some new updates or features to improve the experience score of its users. Due to this, Google has removed an important feature from its Google Photos app. To ease the work of its users, Google had provided a feature for Photos Gallery, which allows users to swipe multiple photos together after selecting photos. But this feature was not supported in some users’ phones, due to which Google has removed these features.

I hope this article is very helpful for you to know about google photo update apps.

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