Best focus and productivity apps 2020

focus and best productivity apps

This article is about the best focus and productivity apps. Nowadays most people sleep longer and have become so active in social media. So that he does not know how much of his time is wasted. For this reason, they are unable to focus on their work. Due to which those people do not succeed. Most of the youth are more active in social media. These people wake up late at night and sleep till late in the morning. Sleeping for a long time reduces the energy in the body, which reduces its productivity. But if you are upset with this then do not get upset because we are going to tell you about some such productivity apps. By using which you can increase your productivity.

so let’s go and started to know the focus and best productivity apps.

Habit hub is Best productivity apps-

the habbithub is a powerful focus and best productivity app. This is track habits and helps achieve your goals and become successful.let’s go and known some features of habbithub best productivity app.

focus and best productivity apps

1)  Streaks of habithub app

the habithub is based on Seinfeld’s productivity secret, in habithub involves building long streaks of days. These habithub streaks that you build will motivate you to keep moving forward.

2) Themes of habithub app

the habithub has four beautiful prebuilt themes.

3) Calendars of habithub app

this app has attached a full-featured calendar view for every habit to track and visualize your chains.

4) Reminders of habithub app–

The app comes with a strong reminder system that will assist you to remain high in all of your habits.

5) Ready for Smartwatches —

HabitHub app sends out the reminders directly to your smartwatch allowing you to mark the days directly from the watch.

6 ) Notes —

You write your daily achievements With HabitHub notes. You can add notes to any day you would like and even scan all the notes sorted by the last week, month or even year.

7) Flexible goals —

this feature of habithub app is very great .you want flexibility in your habits means do you want to go to see movies on the weekends or hit the gym 4 times every week. HabitHub app comes with a very sophisticated scheduling system that can track any habit you can imagine.

8) Category —

you with HabitHub app categorize your habits according to various aspects of your life to keep you sane and focused.

9) Widgets–

Track your habits and goals right from the house screen with SIX stunning widgets for free of charge.

10) Graphs–

if you want to know how you have been doing with those habits. See the big picture with the help of graphs and Gain insights into what’s working for you and what’s not working. Get a chance down of all the self-made and failing days by weeks, months or years.

11) Backup —

With this, you take Backup your data to the cloud with Dropbox backup.

12) Import —

Import your pursuit data from apps like habits streak with merely a click. If you already using other apps.

How does it work?

  • Setup your habit and
  • Mark the days on the calendar every time you perform the habit.and
  • Soon you will build a chain.
  • Don’t Break the chain.

Your life is actually the total of your habits. What you repeatedly do is ultimately the person you become. Big goals area unit ne’er reached by huge leaps, however by several tiny steps. HabitHub help’s you in taking these tiny steps and ultimately reaching these goals.

To help you reach these goals HabitHub lets you set daily reminders and even provides graphs that help you stay motivated along your journey. On prime of this each morning after you get up, HabitHub sends you a pleasant very little psychological feature quote.

2) “Microsoft to do” best productivity apps —

The second best productivity is Microsoft To-Do. Microsoft to do maybe a task management app to assist you to keep organized and manage your day-after-day. You can use Microsoft To-Do to make any worklists or task lists, take notes, record collections, plan an event, or set reminders to increase your productivity and focus on what matters to you. Microsoft to do makes it simple to remain organized and manage your life.

focus and best productivity apps

Accomplish what is significant and necessary to you daily with My Day and Suggestions, your customized daily planner tools. Intelligent suggestions suggest tasks from across your lists which will be relevant for the day. From grocery lists to housecleaning routines, daily tasks are simple with To Do. When you’re quickly switching between contexts and tasks, it’s important to have tools that help you achieve what matters. Microsoft To Do helps you quickly capture and retrieve your lists and tasks across devices and between multiple accounts.

Best feature —

Capture tasks from totally different Microsoft apps and services and adjust them with Microsoft to do. Flag emails as tasks in Outlook or any email account hosted by Microsoft, add to lists with Cortana and see tasks assigned to you from Microsoft Planner. Get peace of mind knowing that your tasks and lists are hosted on the Microsoft 365 service – one in every of the foremost reliable services with industry-leading security offerings.
Microsoft To Do’s trendy, easy-to-use experience makes your lists unique, with customizable features like emoji in lists, colorful themes, dark mode, and more. Plus, shared lists assist you to keep connected and collaborate with family, friends, and colleagues.

Microsoft To-Do features –

Daily planner —

  • A daily planner customized with recommended tasks: My Day
  • to-do lists are accessible anyplace, on any device
  • Share lists and assign tasks along with your friends, family, colleagues, and classmates.
  • Task management options break your tasks into manageable steps.
  • Take notes to add to any task.
  • Group lists together by topic or project.
  • Task manager.
  • Add reminders, tasks, and lists with the To-Do widget.
  • Daily organizers customized with daring and colorful backgrounds.
  • Reminders with one-time or recurring due dates.
  • create task lists and switch between faculty, work, and private lists.
  • Attach up to 25 MB of files to any task.

To-Do lists for any purpose —

  • Bill planner
  • Shopping list
  • Reminders
  • Task management
  • Take notes
  • And more

Office 365 integration —

  • synchronize reminders and task lists between Outlook and to do.
  • Lists and tasks are hosted with the safety of Microsoft 365.
  • Task lists are compiled from the apps and services across Microsoft 365.
  • Add multiple Microsoft accounts.

Microsoft to do helps you organize and change your plans, whether it’s for work, school, or home.

Microsoft To-Do is free and offered across the net and iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows devices.

3) Boosted best productivity app —

Achieve additional by up your productivity with the Boosted – Time & Productivity tracker app. Organize your activities, track the time you pay on them, and find insights regarding however you utilize it slow by viewing intuitive statistics.

focus and best productivity apps

Boosted Features–

  • Time tracking for your activities with a single click
  • Organize your projects into smaller tasks
  • View the daily and weekly quantity of your time you pay on a project
  • View your most productive days for a project
  • Quickly check your total daily time for a project from the notification
  • View all of your tracked activities in a very calendar
  • View detailed reports of all your tracked time
  • Backup and restore your data to Google Drive
  • View a history of your activities in a chronological timeline.

Boosted – Time tracker & Productivity app doesn’t store any of your personal information. this app totally free.

Trello best productivity app–

Trello is one of the focus and productivity apps for organizing your work and life. Register user of this app is 35 million. You with this app your many works such as you’re planning a website design project, vacation, or company off-site, Trello is infinitely customizable and flexible for your every need.

Feature of Trello app :


you can with Trello app, Get more done customizable simple boards, lists, and cards.
Go from plan to action in seconds by making cards and dragging them across the board to follow your project’s progress.
Add checklists, labels, and due dates the approach you see work and provides yours comes to the fuel they have to induce across the goal.


Free your brain from remembering every planning detail.
Add Power-Ups sort of a Calendar read of your due dates or add locations to cards to induce a Map view—your project can strive against a full new perspective.

STAY within the apprehend — EVEN ON THE GO —

To stay organized despite wherever you’re, turn on notifications and stay informed when cards are assigned, updated, and completed.

Trello works offline! Add information to your boards and cards at any time and it will be saved for when you need it. We got your back.
Trade-in your sticky notes (and mental notes) for Trello’s digital boards. Get started for free today.
We price transparency and can kindle permissions to access: Camera, Microphone, Contacts and image Library Usage.

Conclusion —

above given productivity app is very helpful for you because these apps are tracking your habit and inform you by the reminder.

I hope this article is very helpful for you and any suggestion and query please do comments.

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